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Sensation Vacation at The Underwater Room

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 You can sunbathe during the day and see the stars at night

Ourvac - Hotel rooms on the beach or at the top of the tree, it is common. But, The Manta Resort in Pemba Island, Tanzania had a room floating Indian Ocean. His bed was there under the sea!

Imagine, you live in a 'house' which floats on top of the clear blue ocean. Coral reef was clearly visible from where you stand. Would not disturb anyone, be it the hustle or the bustle of people. Fun again, you can see a variety of fish straight from the sea bed.

This is not a fairy tale or fantasy of the African continent. The Manta Resort on the island of Pemba in the Zanzibar Islands, Tanzania, would give no two experiences are as seen from the official website on Friday (11/15/2013).

Rooms at The Manta Resort submarine named The Underwater Room. The layout of the hotel rooms are large enough to be off the coast of Pemba Island, precisely in the Indian Ocean.

His hotel room had two rooms, the rooms above and below. In the room there is a sofa and a terrace for sunbathing. In fact, you can also go up to the roof to see the expanse of bright stars at night.

The room below is a bedroom that is at a depth of 13 meters below sea level. From the bedroom, you can see the sea fish are colorful. Special, you will see manta fish!

For those interested, The Underwater Room is pegged at USD 900 or about USD 10 million per night for a double room type. As well, $ 750, or about Rp 865 thousand per night for a single room type. The hotel room is usually crowded during high season, or on July 1, 2013 to 28 February 2014.

While the low season, there on March 1, 2014 through June 30, 2014. Not just sitting in the room, the activities you can do during your stay there is swimming, snorkeling or diving.

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