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Vacation Tips As Professional Traveler

Vacation Tips As Professional Traveler

Professionals travel who have frequent traveling is usually always available with a variety of items needed. Not only them, you can also traveling with 6 professional vacation tips.

professionals traveler

1. Online Check-in

Online Check-in

If you want professional-style traveling, first step is to check in online. There are many advantages that you can get to check-in online, such as having a bench with a chance of getting the desired position.
2. Compact carry bag
Compact bag
After obtaining the desired bench, it's time to choose a bag. Choose a bag that has a lightweight material, has a zipper that is safe, and not too big.

Lightweight material useful for reducing the weight of bags and luggage. So you do not have to lift a heavy bag. Secure zipper certainly serves to keep the goods so as not easily broken bad guys. While the size is not too large allows you to store bags in the cabin.
3. Bringing POWERBANK
Powerbank now so one item that never left the traveler, especially when on a long journey. Some airlines are providing a place to recharge. But the long plane usually does not provide.
In order not to run out of battery gadget, do not forget to bring POWERBANK. Imagine how tortured you if you are in a long distance flight, the battery ran out and was on a plane without a power jack.
4. Note the luggage
Some baggage should not be left behind is drugs. For those of you who had trouble sleeping on the trip, there is no harm to bring a sleeping pill.
5. Keep warm

Slayer, jacket, sweater or hoody also need to be prepared if you want professional style traveling. Sometimes, blankets are provided on the plane is not big enough and not warm enough. For that always provide a warm jacket or coat.
6. Earphones

Earphones become the next item that should never be left behind. Do not just one, but also bring a backup earphones. It serves to listen to the song and still not get bored even on long journeys.
That's a few tips on travel guides for your. What do you think?  If still lacking.I also share tips that other travel guides as in my previous article entitled 4 Things that Make a Lovers Quarrel When Traveling.

Giant diamond mine in Mirny, Siberia Tour

Diamond giant hole in the middle of Siberia

In the midst of Mirny, a small town in Siberia, there is a gaping hole. Diameter of about 1.25 kilometers. Its depth is not less than 525 meters. Staircase shape, with white dust flakes blanketed every inch of its surface.

Interestingly, the hole was surrounded by houses neat. He was like soot in a city of perfection. However, the hole turned out to save a valuable historical narrative.

It is a relic of Josef Stalin, the dictator who once led the Soviet Union for a quarter century. Years ago, he ordered his people to build a diamond mine.

The plan, the mine will be used as a source of revenue after the war. Direct all people realize their ideas. In fact, let alone digging, getting there was difficult.

Finally, to blow up the earth foothold in Mirny, jet engines used. It took many years to create a hole that size. He became the second largest man-made hole in the world, after the copper mine in Utah.

However, the results are quite comparable. Stalin thought may as well. Because, so many crops are taken from the mine made ​​the adherents of communism. Every year, 10 million carats of diamonds produced.

Now, a gaping hole was still awake. He gives a unique impression on the regularity of Siberia. Unfortunately, an incident made ​​closed to the public. A helicopter flew over it ever fell to sucked into the bottom of the hole.

Since then, none of the air transport may be passed over the former diamond mine. Mirny also be limits to outsiders. Especially because he holds the former mine that is not only rich in natural resources, but also full of history.

However, that does not mean travelers should not visit there. Citing the Atlas Obscura website, home to special permission from the authorities, you can reach the giant 

Sensation Vacation at The Underwater Room

 You can sunbathe during the day and see the stars at night

Ourvac - Hotel rooms on the beach or at the top of the tree, it is common. But, The Manta Resort in Pemba Island, Tanzania had a room floating Indian Ocean. His bed was there under the sea!

Imagine, you live in a 'house' which floats on top of the clear blue ocean. Coral reef was clearly visible from where you stand. Would not disturb anyone, be it the hustle or the bustle of people. Fun again, you can see a variety of fish straight from the sea bed.

This is not a fairy tale or fantasy of the African continent. The Manta Resort on the island of Pemba in the Zanzibar Islands, Tanzania, would give no two experiences are as seen from the official website on Friday (11/15/2013).

Rooms at The Manta Resort submarine named The Underwater Room. The layout of the hotel rooms are large enough to be off the coast of Pemba Island, precisely in the Indian Ocean.

His hotel room had two rooms, the rooms above and below. In the room there is a sofa and a terrace for sunbathing. In fact, you can also go up to the roof to see the expanse of bright stars at night.

The room below is a bedroom that is at a depth of 13 meters below sea level. From the bedroom, you can see the sea fish are colorful. Special, you will see manta fish!

For those interested, The Underwater Room is pegged at USD 900 or about USD 10 million per night for a double room type. As well, $ 750, or about Rp 865 thousand per night for a single room type. The hotel room is usually crowded during high season, or on July 1, 2013 to 28 February 2014.

While the low season, there on March 1, 2014 through June 30, 2014. Not just sitting in the room, the activities you can do during your stay there is swimming, snorkeling or diving.

 See also some cool pictures of 'The Underwater Room Photos in The Manta Resort in Pemba Island, Tanzania'

The Underwater Room Photos in The Manta Resort in Pemba Island, Tanzania

Here's The Underwater Room is floating in the Indian Ocean

You can also dive around underwater hotel room

The underwater room atmosphere
What do you think?
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