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Yellow River, Legendary River from China

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Yellow River, Legendary River from China

Zhongwei - Yellow River is a river in China 's most famous in the world. Could wade became an unforgettable experience. If you want to try, traveler can come directly to Hongbao Tourist Site in Ningxia. 

Hongbao Tourist Site is a new tourist spot in Ningxia province, China. Here, the traveler can enjoy a variety of games , ranging from skating from the dunes, flying fox, to wade through the Yellow River. 
The latter is one of the most exciting activities there. Yellow River or the Yellow River is one of China's rivers pride.

This river extends along 5,464 km. No doubt, its existence became the sixth longest in the world.

One of the areas through which the Yellow River in Ningxia is Hongbao. My entourage had the opportunity to cross the river that became an icon of the Bamboo Curtain country. 

When we were walking around in Hongbao Tourist Site in a series of events at the Conference on Muslim Tourism Ningxia. One of the activities undertaken is to introduce the Yellow River tour .Located not so far from the desert Hongbao. Enough to walk about 10 minutes, tourists are able to get a boat dock that will cross the Yellow River.Do not think the boat used was a wooden boat or speedboat. Not at all. Boats used more akin to getek ." It's what? The boat is it?" asked one participant.No wonder so many participants who inquired about the boat being used. This is because of the unique shape, especially the buoys.Paddle in China was different. The top of the use of wood, with seats made ​​of foam. So unique is the bottom. This paddle using a float made ​​of rubber and shaped like a piece of the animal's body.
" Much like a pig , yes," said one participant . 

If seen, the shape is a bit similar to the four-legged animals. Stocky and round shape.Satisfied look, it's time we cross the river. First of all the participants were asked to use a life jacket. After that, we were asked to ride a mini boat that has been provided. The boat only holds 4 people with one driver.

We were told to sit tight with little to middle position. This meant that the boat in a balanced position. There are dozens of boats that ply the rivers when it.

Throughout the trip , the sun was shining so excited. But this heat is lost through the boatmen singing.

Yes, all singing in unison driver. She found it exciting. Although do not know the meaning of songs that use the Chinese language, the whole tourist smiling, clapping to the tune of the song.

Not felt , after 15 minutes of being in the flow of the river, we finally arrived at the destination dock . Knotted smile on the faces of everyone. This is her most unforgettable experience, can navigate the Yellow River, the river pride of the Chinese people.