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Vacation in New York

Ancient Doll House Story and Mysterious in New York

New Hamburg - New Hamburg, New York, USA has a strange old house. There are three dolls that sit in front of the house every day and they also are always changing clothes and positions.

If by chance you 're around New York by train, try to make a trip to New Hamburg Station in New York. Not far away is an old house with a front porch strange occupants . Of the Atlas Obscura, this house was built in 1845.

The house turned out to be the only house that survived the great fire in the area last there in 1877. The house with the theme of the structure was used as a timber of Greek heritage later in the day. 

Strange and also interesting curiosity of both the locals and tourists who go there, is the presence of three mysterious dolls in the porch. As with most homes, there are a few chairs with a small table on the terrace. Well, the doll is always seen sitting on his porch when the weather is sunny.

This doll does not just sit there. From a distance, they look like the woman who was sitting enjoying the day. The third doll costume dress thematically every day.

One day, their casual style, with hair down and read a book and wearing a hat. The other day, dolls wearing 70s and wearing hair wigs according to that year.

When it rains , mysteriously these dolls do not sit in front of it in the house. The neighbors do not know who inhabits the house , had no more idea who is taking care of the three dolls. To be sure, just curious tourist who alighted at any time make a trip to the house.

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