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Tips Rain Trapped in Amusement Park

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Ourvac - What is it like if it were an amusement park and a sudden rain was falling. Not that you have to cancel a holiday that day. Here are 5 tips for the traveler who was stuck in the rain amusement park.

All equipment has entered into a bag , clothes are okay, cheerfully stepped foot into Dufan, Jungleland or Universal Studios. But what if the power when he got there , the rain was falling. Eits, still nothing can be done while waiting for the rain. Here are 5 tips rains trapped at the amusement park :

1. Find The Right Shade

Often , traveler ran to the nearest shelter when it rains. But did not realize that they could be soaked in the rain if it is too long to be in that place. Be sure to look for comfortable shelter.

Find also a shelter with views freely see the amusement park. Thus, despite the rain, the view is seen not boring.

2. Playing In The Indoor Rides

Almost all amusement park has rides that covered the roof and not disrupted even though the weather was bad. Well, while it rains, you'll want to try these rides.

The problem , surely many who would like to try to ride it when it rains  Look for one that is not too full and enjoy playing in it while it is still raining.

3. Shopping for Souvenirs

Amusement park definitely has a gift shop. Even many of which have quality goods. Instead of grumbling because a play is delayed, shopping alone.

Instead of you having to rush shopping when the store was about to close, better to buy a gift when it's raining. With this, you can be more relaxed selecting items. In addition, you can also more thoroughly, who knows there stuff that was being discounted.
4. Eat

After doing that , you can still fill the time while waiting for the rain to stop eating. Amusement park usually has some points that can be visited food court. Just select your favorite foods and enjoy while waiting for the rain to stop.

But, you should eat foods that do not immediately make full. Choose snacks that can be consumed slowly so that it can be occupied while the rain repellent.

5. Read on Map

Most of the traveler does not have much time to read a map because it has been a busy amusement park wants to try a variety of rides. When it rains, it is time to examine a map of the theme park.

That way , you can know what rides are available there and where it is located. When the rain stops, you had been able to determine where it wants to play.