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Relax in the 'Private Beach' Long Sand Wakatobi

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Ourvac - Vacation to Wakatobi not be separated from the sand, the beach and the beauty of the underwater world . If just want to relax and sunbathe, enjoy a private beach in the style of long sand beach on the island of Binongko.

Binongko is the southernmost island of Wakatobi. One of the stunning beaches on the island Binongko is Pasir Panjang, which is located in District Binongko Togo.

Binongko is the southernmost island of Wakatobi. To reach the island is by using water transportation, wooden boat from the island or the island of Wangi - scented Tomia.

As well as the island of Wangi - scented, Kaledupa, Tomia Island and small islands around it, Binongko surrounded by stunning beaches. One of them is on the island Binongko, namely Long Sand, which is located in District Binongko Togo.

Pasir Panjang, which in the local language called One Melangka, a beach with white sand, crystal clear sea water and coconut ranks. Around the coast, we can also find small rocks crashing

Pasir Panjang Binongko very broad and only crowded at certain times. So, if we come to this location on a weekday, so we like having a private beach.

There is no lodging and food vendors or stalls around the beach. Location of the beach is not too close to population centers. If you want to sunbathe around the beach, bring the beach for the base fabric, food, and do not forget to drink water.

When the likes sunbathing at the beach, and also bring a book to read. Enjoy the waves while lying down on the white sand and exposed to warm sun feels perfect course.