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Risks of Using Gadgets During Flight

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Risks of Using Gadgets During Flight

U.S. aviation agency ( FAA ) to free gadget turned on during the flight, but not with the phone. Mobile is different with other gadgets in their influence on the flight.

According to aviation experts Alvin Lie, turn on the phone while in flight could disrupt navigation . This is particularly so when the plane will take off and landing. 

"  In fact that hand phone is turned over ( when fly - red) will not be able to signal, " said Alvin.

However, Alvin Further, when the phone does not get a signal, it will actively secretes a signal wave. Phone or gadget would let the waves up and down. 

Therefore , now many of the tourists who choose airplane mode on his gadget. According to Alvin using airplane mode is not a problem.

"Because it does not emit radio waves. Indeed figured gadget makers, " added Alvin.

U.S. aviation authorities ( FAA ) will be exempt use gadgets with airplane mode, including when taking off and landing. Criticism also came, as the policy is risky passengers.

If the previous passenger can only play with the gadget airplane mode, when the plane reaches 10,000 feet ( 3,048 meters ), the new rules will allow passengers to play gadget from up to down aircraft before. OurVac, arrange 7 risk if FAA policy is applied :


1. Confusion on the plane

Delta Airlines will directly apply the FAA policy on large aircraft. But for small aircraft, will wait until the end of the year. Well, the problem is what if there is a traveler connecting flights from major aircraft to a small aircraft ?

2. Video safety should be updated

If this policy is implemented, the safety videos on the plane had to be replaced. Because there must always be described electronics turned off. The problem is, it took a long time to update the safety video .

3. Indifferent to the safety demo

 This risk should be considered thoroughly. If passengers should maens gadgets since a plane, they might ignore the flight safety demo of flight attendants. Rather than focus on ways to use a float, they do - not even fun playing Angry Birds.  

4. The gadget size could be a problem

FAA policy is expected to encourage more traveler brings gadgets to the plane. The problem is what if the size of the gadget is taken large enough such as laptops. In the event of a plane crash, a great gadget to be very dangerous if thrown on other passengers.

5. Problems during takeoff and landing

FAA still ask gadgets not held during takeoff and landing, and placed in seat pockets. This policy requires personal discipline of the passengers. Just because already allowed by the FAA, they are desperate narcissistic photo with the tablet when the plane took off.

6. Problems airplane mode

FAA confirms new rules they are still concerned with setting airplane mode, meaning passengers could not transfer data. But again, it takes personal discipline passengers.   

7. Battery life 

That the personal risk passengers. The more frequently used, your gadget battery will quickly run out. Time to destination, your gadgets run out of steam for the photos or status updates. Dependence on bank power even higher.

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