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Anti Gravity Hill in Florida

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Lake Wales - A lot of people are amazed that one of the hills in Florida , USA . There, the car can be made to walk uphill against gravity , without having to turn on the machine . This is Spook Hill , anti- gravity hill .Spook Hill is located in Lake Wales , Florida . Visit peek of Central Florida , this place is one of the most visited tourist destinations . Not only from within the country , tourists from various parts of the world abuzz here .In the eyes of the traveler, Spook Hill is known as anti- gravity hills or hill magnet . Here, the car can run itself without having to turn on the machine . Cool right ?Typically , while in Spook Hill , a traveler would turn off the car until the existing boundary lines . When it was also the car will run faster .Uniquely , the car did not go down to the bottom , but it uphill . Yes , seems to have a magnet at the top , pull tight hill climb car , even at high speed .Various folklore was behind this uniqueness . Legend said the first leader of the Indian tribes fight crocodile who terrorized the village there .Great battle ensued . Indian leaders and crocodiles both equally killed in the fighting . Both died right on the hill . It is said that spirits haunt both the hill and the resulting large magnetic power . To belief .But when viewed from science , this happened due to the magnitude of the magnetic field there. So it's no wonder , with the engine off when the car can climb a hill at high speed .