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Romantic Sunset Tour Travel in Sorong West Papua

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Romantic Sunset Tour Travel in Sorong West Papua

(Dofior wall at dusk weekends)

(Culinary tourism in this place is the grilled fish)

Sorong - Dusk almost arrived in Sorong , West Papua . Orange silhouette on the horizon really make anyone who comes will be amazed . Sunset there super powerful and super romantic atmosphere . Come here and see for yourself !

Ourvac on the sidelines of Sorong Raya Nusantara Festival 2013 comes to Sorong beach to watch the sun disappear slowly . Moreover Andi Naa , shoves Tourism Office staff had promised at the beach it will look perfect sunset . Location is the beach which meant walled breakwater nearly two meters tall .

" Actually, his name is often called the Wall Dovior but the Berlin Wall . Tiny island in front of there name Dovior , " Andi said , pointing to a small island across the wall , Saturday ( 28/09/2013 )

Unfortunately , upon arriving we were not able to watch the sunset perfectly round . Even the sun had set. But the romantic flavor undiminished because biases orange and violet is more riveting in the seconds after dusk passed . Very pretty .

Panorama was exploited youth Sorong . At the top of the wall , many look young children play . There are joking with peers , some are sitting playfully affectionate hugging her partner .

Sitting with a lover while watching a romantic sunset on the beach is entertainment rarely found in cities . If you happen to visit to Sorong , a time for a moment to visit the Berlin Wall . Sunsetnya is awesome !

At dusk the night changed , tent stalls around the walls began to stretch the move . Is a typical dish of grilled fish . The options ranging from squid , shrimp , and various types of fish such as rabbitfish , red snapper , pomfret , grouper until two inch size adults .

The fish was grilled along with the instrument placed near the entrance . Prospective buyers are free to choose the fish and the size dimau . Interestingly , even though located in Sorong , the names of the booth that just use the name outside of Papua , such as Yogyakarta , Malioboro , Marunda and others. Maybe they are the nomads to Papua .

One by one the cars started to pull into the parking lot and passenger booth . detiktravel Kemenparekraf entourage also do not want to miss .

Demi felt a different weekend , we went to one of the stalls in the area of ​​the Berlin Wall . Some fish , fried chicken , squid and served at our table . Everything is tantalizing . Matter of taste , do not ask . Favors ! Do not regret it quickly raced us that afternoon feeling the atmosphere of the atmosphere of the Berlin Wall at the weekend .

" This Sorong like this every evening together is definitely full of young children , they hang out and eat . Anyway have fun , " said Andi .

Curious looked different twilight once saw youth style shoves and eating grilled fish ? Wall Dofior aka tourist destinations of the Berlin Wall , not to be missed if you are traveling to the city of Sorong .