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San Francisco, Classics American Vacation

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San Francisco, Classics American Vacation

San Francisco - San Francisco is a city where tourists can enjoy the unique atmosphere of the United States. Bridge combined with the atmosphere of the legendary city of old, antique tram, and the sun greeted friendly. Perfect !

San Francisco is a city with the warm sun. That was my first impression, shortly after stepping foot out of the Hilton Hotel on O'Farrell Street, San Francisco, on Monday morning, 9 September 2013 last.

It's much different to my first impression as set foot in the city of Las Vegas, in 2011. This gambling city for me not ' friendly ' due to climate and chilly temperatures.

In San Francisco, if you can compare, I like being a walk in Puncak, West Java . Occasional fog down and bring in the mystical atmosphere of the town.

But San Francisco's magical value not only sun and fog. This is a classic city with a number of legendary landmarks that are worth visiting.

Such a busy Monday, when I was looking for a place to have breakfast. At the nearby Hilton, who was in downtown San Francisco, there are a lot of restaurants. But a friend suggested I try a number of diners because they are relatively affordable.

But not the price which makes diners attractive, but because this is a classic American restaurant concept. Typical American menus, as well as the interior. The restaurant is open for 24 hours.

That morning I was dining at Lori 's Diners in Mason Street, which was founded in 1986. The interior is characterized by the 1950s. My menu choice that day was a special burger. I got a seat at the bar, rather dealing with a chef who was busy cooking.

Started cold glass of orange juice which is said to hold a typical burger menu in the restaurant. Once the menu for U.S. $ 19 that arrived, enormous portions .

With a sense of regret that I could not spend that much breakfast. " Why did not you run ? " scolded a waiter with a friendly tone. I said , the portions are too big for me. He smiled, understanding.

From Lori 's Diner I walk to Union Square, a landmark of history and public areas are surrounded by large buildings. There seen a lot of people sitting around enjoying the sun. Some people lined up an open roof bus that will take them around the city. In the middle of the park there is a civil war memorial.

Three days later I had the opportunity to try out a tram or what they call the cable car that has existed since 1873. One of the cable car station is operated by the San Francisco Municipal Railway is within walking distance from the Hilton for 10 minutes.

Train arriving at the station stops in a thin circular spot. The officer then opened the hinges, and the power some people, playing trains to reverse direction and is ready to depart again.

The tickets are $ 6 each way . I chose one way to Fisherman 's Wharf, the arena 's famous fishing port. The train is operated with a lever that controlled a machinist. Occasionally he invites the passengers joked.

" Oops, soon derivatives, and this is actually my first day of work, " he said. The passengers were laughing. We believe he is joking.

Before arriving at Fisherman 's Wharf, I chose down Lombard Street. This fact alone residential areas. But really uphill and at its peak there is a garden with beautiful flowers. There we can see most of San Francisco or the prison on Alcatraz Island. It's an interesting spot to take pictures.

Of Lombard I walk to Fisherman 's Wharf through the descent. Plan to eat or shop there nevertheless after seeing the Golden Gate in the distance. Of the existing pedestrian area leading to the Golden Gate.

Having taken past the beaches, hills, parks, and parking area luxury yachts in the Marina, it took me almost 45 minutes long to be close to the bridge that opened in 1937. But that's okay.

A walk on the waterfront of San Francisco with a beautiful view of the truly invaluable experience . The trip was a stop at a beach where the entire Golden Gate Bridge is visible. It was an interesting spot to take pictures.

Because of limited time, I can not go to the Golden Gate. Other times, I think. Looking at it already feels good. From there, drive back to hotel followed by a taxi.

Another hallmark of San Francisco is a tourist spending. There, you can shop fashion products original with sloping price. Just like factory - factory outlets in Bandung. But always remember, you should bring your own shopping bags because there is not free.

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