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In 1406 the Emperor of China - the Yongle Emperor Zhu Di, moved the capital to the city of Beijing, and later Emperor Yongle Forbidden City began development in 1406 and in 1420 the Forbidden City was basically completed by Emperor Yongle .In 1924 , the General China - Feng Yuxiang launched the Beijing coup and China's last emperor Pu Yi to drive him out of the Forbidden City , and announced on October 10, 1925 the National Palace Museum is the official and open to the public .1420-1924 , in 500 years there are 24 Chinese emperors lived in the Chinese royal palace in the Forbidden City , where 14 emperors of the Ming Dynasty and 10 emperors of the Qing Dynasty .The Forbidden City in ChinaThe Forbidden City is China's most famous tourist attractions , is the world 's largest Royal Palace .China Forbidden City covers an area of ​​over 720,000 m2 , more than 9,000 buildings , building area of ​​150,000 square meters .The Forbidden City in BeijingThe Forbidden City in central Beijing , formerly known as the Forbidden City Palace . The Forbidden City was built in 1420 , was built by Emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty , China . The Forbidden City is China's Ming and Qing imperial court .Travel to the Forbidden PalaceForbidden City , formerly known as the Forbidden City , is located in the middle of the central axis of Beijing , the Imperial Palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasty 24 emperors , covers an area of ​​720,000 square meters , construction area of ​​about 150,000 square meters . Four years Yongle Emperor Zhu Diyong Music ( 1406 ) Construction completed Yongle eighteen years ( 1420 ) .Beijing Forbidden City Emperor Yongle in 1406 was built on the basis of most of the Yuan Dynasty palace , designer carpenter Kuai Xiang , was officially completed in 1420 , completed from 1420 to 1911 , the Qing emperor to abdicate five hundred years , a total of 20 Ming and Qing Dynasty Emperor lived in the Forbidden City . Early Ming Dynasty temple more than 1,630 seats , Qing Dynasty , Qianlong period more than 1,800 homes , the home of about 2,631 .History of the Forbidden City in Beijing ChinaHistory of the Forbidden City in Beijing ChinaThe Forbidden City , also known as the "Forbidden City " or " Miyagi " , now known as the Forbidden City . Its name comes from the purple star , purple MSI colonies in five parties genus , the ancients believed MSI is located in the middle of a purple sky . The Forbidden City is located in downtown Beijing , but also the center of power of the state , hence the name.1416 ( Yongle fourteen years ) , Emperor Yongle Banzhao capital Beijing court ordered the construction of the Palace of Nanjing emulate .1420 ( Yongle eighteen years ) , the completion of the palace . The fire broke out the following year , the first three temples on fire .1440 ( five years orthodox ) , reconstruction of three temples and the Palace of Heavenly Purity .Tianshun , 1459 ( three years ) , Xiyuan construction .1557 ( Jiajing 30-2006 ) , fires in the Forbidden City , the first three temples , suicide doors , Wenwu House , Meridian Gate all on fire , the reconstruction was completed in 1561 .1,597 (twenty five years ) , the Forbidden City fire , burned three temples , after Sannomiya . Reconstruction project until 1627 ( Tianqi 2007 ) completion of the square.History of the Forbidden City in Beijing China1644 ( Chongzhen seventeen years ) , Li Zicheng captured soldier Beijing , the Ming Dynasty. Li Zicheng Shaanxi burned before retreating from the Forbidden City , Wu Ying , extremely Hall building , IAC Hall , Temple Nanxun , surrounded by towers and Huangji doors not only burn the rest of the buildings were destroyed . Shunzhi Emperor to Beijing in the same year . After 14 years , improvements in primary school building .Kangxi , 1683 ( two years ) , began to rebuild destroy the remaining part of the building in the Forbidden City , the basic completion of Kangxi 34 years .1735 ( Yongzheng ten years ) , which Gaozong ( Qianlong emperor ) ascends the throne , the next six decades of large -scale additions and changes to the Forbidden City .1813 ( 18 years Jiaqing ) , Tenrikyo believe Lam Ching -level insurgency army to invade the Forbidden City .In 1900 , the Eight - Power Allied Forces captured Beijing .In 1911 , the outbreak of the Wuchang Uprising , the Qing emperor abdicated . However , in accordance with the care and special conditions signed with the Republic still lived in the Forbidden City .The Jianfu Palace fire in 1923 .In 1924 , Feng Yuxiang launched the Beijing coup " , the expulsion of Qing Emperor Pu Yi .In 1925 , established on the basis of the original Forbidden City Palace Museum .In 1933 , the Palace Museum across the border , to avoid the invasion of Japan .In 1948 , the National Palace Museum in Taiwan sent to the frontier heritage .January 1949 Peking , the Forbidden City to get the achievement .The more and more people asking Forbidden conversion program fifties and sixties City kept for various reasons .In 1961 , the approval of the State Council , Beijing Forbidden City was appointed as the first batch of national key units of cultural relics protection .In 1987 , the Forbidden City in Beijing is listed by UNESCO " World Heritage List .Palace of Forbidden SecretsForbidden Palace Beijing24 emperors lived here in the history of the Forbidden City , there are many ghost legends .Why Forbidden Palace closes at 17:00There are many legends of the Forbidden City , for example , the Forbidden City closes at 17:00 . It is said that there are many souls were harmed in the Forbidden City , 17:00 is the soul activity . So now a lot of people are afraid to night Forbidden City .Ming Forbidden City " Plum nail secret ?1949 , Ming Palace archaeological excavations began , archeology through again and again , can be roughly described the Forbidden City underground " old movie " .Ming Palace foundation , it must be with a lot of support stakes root , commonly known as the " nail " ." Generally nail down thick , but Ming Palace nails , there are two , and some trimmed thick , and some of the above whittled sharp . " Inverted Wood felt the killer waves . In 2007 , archaeologists have discovered Battalion 12 at Ming 's Palace stakes hospital reversed . An archaeologist said , their sharp stakes , looks very sharp , sharp . This " to nail " do ? Archaeological experts say , they are not only a burden, there may be a role of the military defense .