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Tips for the Holidays in Phuket

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Safety Tips for the Holidays in Phuket
  Phuket - Traveler a holiday to Phuket , Thailand , to be extra vigilant . Crime is rampant , thousands of police to be deployed to maintain security . But , do not cancel your vacation plans . Follow some of these tips .Phuket is one of my favorite coastal tourist destinations , including USA origin . However , high levels of crime in Phuket is quite alarming . Not tourists often become victims of crime .Since 2010, there were seven expatriates were killed in the seaside resort of Phuket. Last year , a foreign tourist rape victims 2 times . There are also 13 cases of violence , 13 cases of theft , and 46 cases of fraud .Phuketwan travel news website summarizes some traveling tips from police in Phuket , reported by The Sydney Morning Herald , Wednesday ( 03/20/2013 ) :1 . Do not drive a motorbike or rent a car to get around , alone . Invite your friends while traveling around Phuket with motorcycles or cars .2 . Avoid drinking alcohol to excess , although looks perfect for cooling off in Phuket when the weather is hot .3 . Ignore offers of drugs and make sure no one had the opportunity to put something in your drink . In Phuket , penalties for drug offenses are often severe .4 . Women should understand that being alone with men in Phuket can be misinterpreted . Legitimate to make friends with new people , but do not forget about your partner before traveling