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4 Things that Make a Lovers Quarrel When Traveling

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A couple of tourists who spring fighting
Ourvac - Traveling as a couple holding hands it feels romantic. But make no mistake, the holidays are not always a happy couple. There are 4 things that can make you fight and even ruin a vacation. Be careful!

A survey by hotel chains Club Med, in Australia has just come out. The company issued a poll about the things that could make the couple fight to 1,000 respondents.

Club Med revealed that 54 percent of couples had a fight with his girlfriend traveler when holiday. Men typically will issue the argument if she is still relaxed when it was time to go.

Instead, she will issue their complaints if their partner asked him to do many things. In fact, she wants to rest.
4 things that make this fight a couple when traveling:
1. Money

Money is always a problem in many places, including when traveling with a partner. A total of 23.5% of respondents said they fought over money.
2. Holiday choice with lots of activities or just want to relax

The second problem is often encountered when traveling partner is determining whether you want a relaxing holiday or a lot of activity. As many as 54 percent of respondents claimed to often quarrel because of this.

3. Men and women have different holiday ideas

Men will usually upset if already discussing what day journey will begin with the women. There are 24.8% of men who agree with this. Not only that, 23.3% of men too upset if their partner would prefer to relax, whereas men want to do other activities.
While women will upset if their partner forced to do a lot of traveling activity when they want to relax. As many as 19% of women agreed with this.

4. Argument so it's common for young traveler

Most elderly traveler did not have an argument during the holidays. While young couples who have not had children are most often experience argument when traveling (54%).

So, if indeed it is often the case, then choose your holiday with a wise deal. Therefore we will give you tips to your tour enjoyable, look at the Tips to be more Romantic Honeymoon