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Hunting for Precious Stones in Germany

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Colorful agate, 1 euro only.
Sapphire in boulder mountain.
Necklace models for the high class
Very quiet, suitable for shopping and dining culinary.

Ourvac - There is always a unique thing when traveling to Germany, not only see the castle relics of ancient times, or the ruins of the Berlin Wall. Try to Idar-Oberstein renowned for the beauty of the majestic stone.

You rock lovers ring, crystal or agate? For fans of decorative stones rings and necklaces, a time to stop in Idar-Oberstein.

Idar-Oberstein is an old town in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, which is the center for precious stones in Germany. Since the discovery of rocks around the 14th century, Idar-Oberstein became famous for his noble stone industry.

The price is very relative. Ranging from 1 Euro, we could pocketed agate home. But for lovers of rocks, very willing to spend hundreds, up to thousands of euros on the wallet for the beauty of the stones.