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Smartphones Can Destroy Your Holiday

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10 ways a smartphone that can ruin your holiday
Ourvac - Presence technology is indeed easy, but there are also side effects of gadgets that one to ruin your holiday. Here are 10 ways to ruin a holiday smartphone.

Phones that connect directly to the Internet allows users object as if hypnotized by that one. From the Huffington Post, Wednesday (13/11/2013) smartphone ruin your holiday with 10 way:

1. When viewing a historical or a cool destination, frequent traveler does not think of the background of the building. Instead of thinking about history, many smartphone users think of angle which will take photos, and using filters what this photo was taken.

2. Traveler smartphone users will not be surprised when the selected hotel has a bar in the pool. Because they already know this as a virtual tour via the internet. Though this could be any unpleasant surprises at check-in at the hotel.

3. Instead of seeing things in the museum, will be busy smartphone users to download applications such museum. Thus, unconsciously they have spent a lot of time busy with your gadget.

4. Smartphone users will not quietly watch the beautiful fireworks because they want to find the best place to take a picture.

5. Smartphone users will rarely ask locals or other tourists on the way. Because they've got Google Maps on your phone. This means, they will get to know a little more because it is more busy with friends phones.

6. The users do not need to ask the locals where the good places to eat and fun because everyone was there on the internet. In fact, ask questions and chat with the locals is an activity that can enrich the knowledge and spirit.

7. When in a restaurant, most smartphone users do not need to examine the books already know the menu as favorites from the Internet.

8. Smartphone users will be vying upload pictures on social media such as Path, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The sooner the better. Also, they do not want to lose in the sharing of 'happiness' holiday.
9. While in a cool place and slang, the first thing to do is check-in via Foursquare or Path to signify they were on vacation. In fact, look around and enjoy the scenery is much more fun than that.

10. The user is no longer interested in a tour guide because they have got all the information via Wikipedia. In fact, getting the information directly from the tour is certainly more weighty and exciting.