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How to Brew Coffee For Favors

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Ourvac - Some people can not start the day without a cup of coffee. Fragrant when brewed coffee makes us excited. Even though it looks easy, it turns out a lot of people make mistakes when brewing coffee.

A nice cup of coffee can make the day so cheerful. Therefore, check first if you frequently make this mistake when preparing coffee?

coffe storage

1. Do not Store coffee beans in the refrigerator

Perhaps you mean that coffee is kept fresh. But store coffee in the refrigerator and freezer do not make better coffee. There are thousands of loopholes in the beans that make these copies absorb any odors in the refrigerator. Better coffee store at room temperature and in an airtight container.

instant coffe
 2. Not immediately milled

Favored because of the freshness of the coffee bean aroma. However, the coffee beans will lose its freshness immediately after roasting. Therefore, puree roasted and then brewed immediately.

boiled water

 3. Boiling water

When brewing coffee, usually used to boil water. Coffee dissolves instantly so drenched with water. But it is also wrong. The best water is used to brew coffee is the water temperature 93 degrees Celsius. Boiling water will make the coffee too bitter and sour flavors issued.

Coofe powder
 4. Dose

How many tablespoons usual you put in the cup? You might also often confused, whether the excessive coffee or even shortages. Dose is best for brewing coffee, about two tablespoons per 160 ml of water.

coffee grinder

5. Mill rate

Instead, milled coffee with a smoothness that's right. Delicate coffee grinder for espresso coffee or Aeropress. Looking for a coffee grinder to make drip or drip coffee maker, coffee grinder while the rough is for the French press.