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Fountain of Youth Jack Sparrow Travel Vacation in Florida

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Fountain of Youth Jack Sparrow in FloridaPirates of the Caribbean , Jack Sparrow in ' Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides , hunt for the fountain of youth belongs to
capitalize glass Ponce de Leon . You know, spring Ponce de Leon real exist in Florida, USA !In the movie , Jack Sparrow follow the footsteps of Ponce de Leon to find the fountain of youth . Sparrow brings magic glasses belong to Ponce de Leon . Well , Ponce de Leon was apparently a real character .Ponce de Leon was the first governor of the Kingdom of Spain . That said , he came to the U.S. and came to Florida in 1513 . In northern Florida , he found a spring that is believed to make the young . Now , the area was called Ponce de Leon Springs State Park or State Park Ponce de Leon Springs . Starting from its source , the name of the course to the region named after .This beautiful area has clear springs , the cool turquoise -colored eyes. The water temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius throughout the year , so peek of the Florida State Parks website , Tuesday ( 06/26/2012 ) . The area has 2 parts which are equally fed water from springs .According to the beliefs that brought de Leon , one can stay young with body wash or swim in this pool . You may believe it or not . But this story inspired the movie ' Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides ' is played in 2011. In the film, Jack Sparrow is also looking for the fountain of youth .Ponce de Leon springs capable of producing more than 14 million gallons of water per day , imagine how much . This area is so very appropriate place to attend during the summer . About the cool weather because a lot of trees and fresh water so the main dish here .Most visitors do not bear directly upon seeing the clear green this spring . They immediately swim and spend time in the water . But actually there are several other fun activities that can be done here .Around the spring picnic is one of the favorite activities for guests who visit here . Open land available for those who want to picnic at one with nature . There are also pavilions and fuel for barbecue tool for those who want to picnic in a different way .In addition to picnics , visitors can also fishing . Not random , there is a special area reserved for fishing . This activity is very popular with the men, especially middle-aged men . They were engrossed in fishing because many fish can be caught here .