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 Honeymoon Vacations Resorts

Stress disappears , the more intimate the relationship , the baby was hopefully soon. You and your soul mate will grow by traveling to the places these romantic 
1 . Komaneka Tanggayuda Resort

Lying in the valley , facing the river Oos, decorated rice fields and surrounded by tropical jungle, this resort really beautiful ! That's right when the resort was named as an ideal honeymoon place because the atmosphere is calm, relaxed, free from noise and air pollution .Located in the region which is the area of ​​art Ubud Bali. You and your husband should not skip ranks galleries, unique boutiques and restaurants with culinary unparalleled. So if you want another atmosphere in the room, wearing Balinese fabrics and edit frangipani flowers on the ear, romantic stroll hand in hand look trinkets or shopping for a new home. After that, dating while watching traditional Balinese artsGetting romantic with

Flower decoration on the bed and in the bathtub
Candle light dinner at your chosen location
Balinese massage both
Appreciate art in Neka Art Museum
Photographed wearing traditional Balinese
A tour of the village Petulu, the nearest villageKomaneka Tanggayuda Resort :Br. Tanggayuda, Kedewetan Ubud 8051 Gianyar, Bali 

Phone  (0361) 978123


Create honeymooners who love the sea, the beach and luxurious atmosphere, this location should be selected. There, you can jaunt peering exotic Bunaken sea or simply sunbathing and mingle in the sea while snorkeling. Safety is assured because the hotel provides a companion diver from Odyssea Divers.Ah , but , looking at the beach when the waves are breaking solar sink, no less romantic. And when you both walked into the room, the bed was waiting studded roses, fragrant !Increasingly smoldering romance with :

Romantic morning breakfast in bed, looking at the sea -room window
With a romantic dinner with a wide selection of drinks
Body massage and spa
As a romantic gift cake congratulating a new lifeKima Bajo Resort & Spa : Kima Bajo Wori District, Minahasa, North Sulawesi 

Phone: (0431) 3308085 or 0811 4301052

3. Star Cruise

Honeymoon while sailing ? Wow ! Experience will be unforgettable. Sensation cruises majestic Star Cruise Virgo with twinkling fairy lights and fun activities on the deck, making your honeymoon a classy 5 star. The fresh sea breeze, surely boost mood, so the mood to make love grow. When stopped in the destination city, please toured both the accommodation prepared. Shopping ? May , who knows could add gorgeous lingerie collection ...Current conception supported :

Breakfast, lunch and dinner in a restaurant or a balcony cabin. New atmosphere at mealtime, add nutrients for vitality
Exciting event for both diverse, ranging from karaoke to dance class. Several events were held in the open space, open to the sky
Honeymoon decor in the rooms include a heart-shaped cake gift
Drop in destination cities for a city tour
Honeymoon certificate signed by Captain Star CruiseRepresentatives of Star Cruise : 

Puri Mutiara Complex Block A No. 32 
Griya Utama Street, Sunter Agung, North Jakarta
 Phone: (021) 6505350 

4. Bandos Island Resort Maldives

Maldives or Maldives at the entrance of the bay of Bengal , near the famous Ceylon as the most romantic place in the world. So, when Adna need support to reproduce the atmosphere, come to the Maldives !Nature is beautiful, with clear blue sea. In some locations even seabed and fish can be seen with the naked eye, is the mainstay of Maldives. You can also " dating " again while diving, snorkeling or fishing. Another option, rode on a motorcycle in the city near the coast of Maldives.Love adventure in Maldives, with a spa and massage package with a typical Indian spices. Afterwards please practice Kamasutra techniques !