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Tourism in Volendam Netherlands

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Tourism in Volendam Netherlands

Volendam - As one of the obligatory tourist destinations in the Netherlands, Volendam is very famous for their traditional dress. But equally interesting are the small houses and stories of drunk people there.

In most coastal villages is below sea level, the houses have a distinctive shape. The roof is tapered to break the wind blows it often blows hard, including when ourvac recent visit at the invitation of the visit last week.

The small houses usually have a small patio that is decorated with various ornaments. Some are decorated with statues of funny, some are filled with colorful flower pots. At first glance it looks like the houses that exist in fairy tales.

Although the average uniform shape and coincide, almost no house doors are similar to each other . Yes, the door is the only difference between the one with the other. The specificity of the door in every house is certainly not without reason.

" People have a habit Volendam having a drink at the bar . Door home deliberately made ​​different so that no one entered the house to go home in a state of too much to drink, " said Wilma, a local guide who accompanied that time.

People Volendam also has its peculiarities that make it different from the Dutch in general, on his last name. In the Netherlands, people with the last name Smit and Toll almost certainly has a history of kinship with the Volendam. For example the Dutch pop singer, Jan Smit and football players FC Volendam, Pier Tol which strengthen the Dutch team in the 1950s era.

Is by the sea, known as Volendam fishing village into one of the evidence that most of the Netherlands is below sea level. When searching the coast, it will appear once that sea levels were higher than the houses and they are limited only by a sort of dam.

Traditional windmill known as windmollen are still often found in this village. When the weather is sunny , visitors are free to take pictures on the background of traditional windmills that recently began shifting by modern windmill.

One more typical of this village is certainly distinctive clothing still worn by some residents , particularly the elderly. If he did not have an opportunity to meet with local residents customary fashion, do not worry. Here there are studios that rent costumes.

The photo studio is unique because it displays many famous figures from Indonesia who had photographed at this place. Additionally, the photographer who is a native Dutch people seem too familiar with Indonesian culture. The proof , when shooting he did not ask visitors to say " cheese" but rather " tempe ", " crackers " and " paste ".

For those who want to shop for souvenirs typical Dutch souvenir shops in Volendam also quite recommended. Because there are a lot of stores in one place and each must compete to attract customers, the price is more skewed than in other places such as in Amsterdam.

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