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Flower Carpet Vacation in Japan

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Flower Carpet Vacation in Japan 

When spring arrives, Nemophila Flower Festival in Japan so eagerly awaited event travelers. There are several places to see, the one that is crowded with tourists Hitachi Sea Side Park. 
Speaking beauty of the garden city, Japan is one country that has such a beautiful city park. This place became a tourist site can be found in almost all areas in Japan. 
A vital role in the city park Japan, because in addition to being an icon, as well as family recreation . Interesting arrangement , with a slick design settings become the main attraction for the tourists. 
When spring, the festival presents many garden flowers are so beautiful. I was invited by a friend to see the original Japanese Flower Festival Nemophila.

The flower festival starts during the spring, or around April. If the traveler has the opportunity to come to Japan , do not miss this one city park, Hitachi Sea Side Park.

The park is located right beside the sea, so the sea views also add beautiful blue flower festival this. Its location in Ibaraki Prefecture, Mito City. Access to this place could use a bus , train or car . Approximately 1.5 hours of Mito, the capital of Ibaraki Prefecture.

Hitachi extensive park Sea Side Park is 190 hectares. Immense ! It feels just around the quarter was overwhelmed. Naturally wide, because the park is also used as a venue for outdoor concerts for the Japan Idol.

But do not worry about not being able to see the whole beauty of the park. Bicycle rental business providing services for one day, at an affordable cost.

When he reached the Hitachi Sea Side Park, I saw a stretch of Nemophila flowers arranged neatly and beautifully. Sprawling blue hills, plus a clear sky and the blue sea. It was a perfect moment for me !

Perfect blend of blue, Nemophila flowers and blue sky and sea. Indeed, the equivalent of three beautiful blue. While enjoying an ice cream soda is also blue cool breeze.

This flower is also known as " baby blue eyes ", because its color is bright blue. Nemophila also has the meaning of prosperity, or well-being. So no wonder the people of Japan who came to see the flower festival, hope will always be prosperous like the meaning of flowers.

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