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Jabal Rahmah, Romanticism Love Adam & Eve

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Jabal Rahmah, Romanticism Love Adam & Eve
Makkah - There is one place that never deserted from visiting pilgrims. The place was named Jabal Rahmah, a mountain which has touted the story of Adam and Eve love meetings. In fact, there are monuments that signify romance both.
There are many places that keep the story and the history of the prophets in the Holy Land, Mecca . Pilgrims were often perform pilgrimage and pray at such places and surroundings. One of the most historic places is Jabal Rahmah.
From the Ministry of Hajj sites Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jabal Rahmah was on the edge of Arafah which is an area in the eastern outskirts of Makkah. Jabal Rahmah was not far from the Padang Arafat, where pilgrims worship before staying.
Rahmah means mercy. The name was taken from a story he believed Muslims, which is a meeting between Adam and Eve. So, when Adam and Eve if God down to earth, they are derived separately.
To this end, both the first man on the earth met in Jabal Rahmah. To remember him, on top of Jabal Rahmah there is a monument made ​​of concrete rectangular with a width of 1.8 meters and a height of 8 meters. Local people believe, the location of the meeting of Adam and Eve in the exact point of the monument.
Jabal Rahmah itself can be regarded as the hills. Only about 70 meters high and can be climbed only by passing pilgrims around 160 early risers. Jabal Rahmah climb from the bottom up to the monument of Adam and Eve, usually spent about 15 minutes alone.
Near monuments, many pilgrims pray. Some are fascinated by the sight of Padang Arafah which can be seen clearly from the top of Jabal Rahmah. Beautiful scenery so silent witness the reunion of Adam and Eve on earth.
Jabal Rahmah also be a place for the historic journey of the Prophet Muhammad. It was there that he received the final revelation of God, as well as a complement of the teachings of Islam.
Many believe, if praying for a mate in Jabal Rahmah quickly granted the request. In addition, the history and the view from Jabal Rahmah was able to capture the attention of pilgrims.
Unfortunately, many pilgrims doodle monument of Adam and Eve . Remember, do occasionally come doodling monument of Adam and Eve there. Just enough to take pictures, it was so unforgettable keepsake. Congratulations climbing Jabal Rahmah, who has romantic love story of Adam and Eve.