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Barter Week in Rome Hotels

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Barter Week in Rome

Ourvac - Nothing exciting if you are on holiday to Rome in Italy in the mid to end of this month. Because there was a Barter Week where guests staying at the hotel can pay by barter. Fun!

From 14 to 24 November 2013, a traveler who happened to be a holiday in Italy to try unique ways to pay lodging. Because on that date Barter Week is underway. From BBC Travel, Wednesday (13/11/2013), a traveler could pay them by exchanging goods, or services.

The concept originally came from a travel booking site Italian group called bed-and-breakfast.it. They want to remember the current economic crisis affecting the tourism industry. Therefore, they invented Barter Week.

Hopefully, this activity could provoke the crazy ideas of the traveler. Activities that took place during the 10 days it is not only held in Rome, but also in many places in Italy. But, the most participating hotels are Roma. There are about 83 hotels in Rome who participated.

Some hotels ask clearly what their rooms will be bartered with. Like the example of a BnB in Modena, would give room to swap everything related to Coca-cola. There are also hotels in Sardinia who want to barter with visitors providing pedicure tools.

Accommodation in Parma willing to give her room when exchanged with satin sheets. But there is nothing more exciting in Florence, visitors may stay if providing English classes, yoga or cooking class. In Tuscany, guests can stay in exchange for a tea kettle.

If your vacation schedule is past Barter Week, some hotels still have a non-cash offer to spend the night in their lodge. Like BnB La Scalinatella in Monti, Rome, offering 3 days free stay home would take care of a small garden on the balcony of their dead because the air is too hot. Interested?