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Pushkar Fair, Gathering of Camels Across the Country

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The camels also flirty dress with flashy clothes.

Ourvac - India has always been able to suck up the attention of tourists with exotic culture. Whether it's culinary, dance, or with a unique festival. Festival like this one. Pushkar Fair. I think you will be lucky if most travelers to see.


Pushkar Fair held annually in Puskhar, a small town that is loaded with hundreds of temples and Hindu traditions. Near Lake Pushkar thousands of residents gathered. They brought with them cattle for sale, mainly camel. The term bekennya Camel Fair Festival. which is also referred to as India's largest trade festival.

 Festival titled "Pushkar Fair" held at Pushkar town which is located in the state of Rajasthan, India. This annual event is the biggest festival in India trading. The tourists often call with Camel Fair Festival, because most animals are bought and sold is a camel.

Not just one or two, the big traders brought dozens of animals instead. According to the story, handed down from the ancestors of this festival. Starting from wearing their camels for transportation. This tradition is also a celebration of the series of Hindu holy month of Kartik Purnima which falls between the months of September to November.


Reported by the Daily Mail, not only buying and selling, there is also a camel beauty contest. Contestants clear camel dressed using flashy robes, complete with accessories from colorful wool yarn. Sometimes they also necklace garlands. The other event is the camel race. The backs camel riders are required to reach the finish line. Not easy, because the camel ride was wild camels with aggressive movement.

Even this festival is called as one of the ways the Government of India to increase the number of tourist visits. Interested in travel to there?