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Sensation to Stay Open to the Sky in Africa

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Also heard lions roar and elephants walking steps.

Ourvac - Stay in the open not only be enjoyed while camping. Some hotels in the world also has offered the sensation of staying in the open with a touch of luxury -style hotels. As in the Lion Sands, South Africa.

There are three rooms with the concept of a tree house at the hotel are included in the list of 100 best hotels Condé Nast Traveler magazine - the Chalkley Treehouse, Treehouse Kingstoon, and Tinyeleti Treehouse.

Stay in that place, you will feel the sensation of staying in African wilderness accompanied by a beautiful expanse of blue sky, the sound of roaring lions and elephants walking slowly around the room. The hotel is also in the list of best hotels Condé Nast Traveler magazine.

Quoted from the official website, here are three rooms at Lion Sands Game Reserve, South Africa.

 Chalkley Treehouse


This room, the first room is made ​​by Aubrey Chalkley, owner of Lion Sands. This tree house he founded in 1993. Over the last 60 years, the tree house is equipped with a comfortable bed and a dining table designed with very romantic.