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Education Tourism for Teens

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Education Tourism for Teens

As reported by Ourvac, a recent study from The Wagner Group found that adults who take educational tours between the ages of 12 and 18 years old have a better value, and supported by their income is high enough. It is seen and compared with the number who do not do this tour at all.

There are also 57 percent of adults who take an educational tour at a young age and have earned a bachelor's degree, while 33 percent are tourists without a degree.

However, this activity can not be said to be the cause of better academic performance or career children become better. Because, there is still a possibility that the children who chose to do this tour could be just the motivation had to immediately get a degree in academia.

But the respondents think that getting education tourism is defined as a trip taken by incorporating learning activities. They are more interested in learning in school to grow their careers later in life than choose to do this tour.

Here are some of the results of a survey that said that better education tour:

- 89% of respondents said that tourism has a positive impact on education or career education.  

- 86% said it made them more intellectual journey.  

- 80% said the trip made them more interested in what they are learning in school.  

- 59% said the trip helped them get better grades.  

- 52% said the trip affected their career choice. 

- 34% said the trip made them a better person.  

- 90% said the trip is educational fun, exciting, and inspires them.

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