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Cave Tours, Unique and Full of Mystery Experience

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Cave Tours, Unique and Full of Mystery Experience

Earth is not only beautiful on the surface to be enjoyed by tourists. Earth in the stomach, another world is waiting with all its natural wonders. Travel to the cave, now a tourist vacation promising option.

20 Years ago, who would have thought Pindul will become popular attractions in Yogyakarta. Traveled in Yogya then just shopping at Malioboro, visited the palace and the main water Parangtritis.

Cave tubing with the tube in the river into the cave does not seem to occur to the minds of tourists. But nowadays, cave tours to activities that promise amazing adventure.

How not stomach the Earth offers the world a hundred percent different from those in the surface. Stalactites and stalagmites, the source of water in the cave, various plants and animals that strange, heavenly light beam bursts in, that's just the small cave attraction offered.

Travel Highlights Cave will describe in detail how the cave was transformed into various types with a variety of attractions that range from very easy to tourists, to the need to explore a variety of special equipment.

Safety remains the number 1 factor. Many things must be considered, the risk of danger to be understood, as well as special tips to explore the cave. Cahyo Alkantana, President Hikespi ( Association of Indonesian Speleology activity ) and also the presenter said adventure cave tours including special interest tours, but its popularity continues to climb.

Buniayu in Sukabumi cave, the cave at Cave Kallibong DIY and Aloa in the province is an example of a challenging destination fringe cave. Cave can also be exciting attractions such as adrenaline Pindul in Gunungkidul.

Cave can also be a historical attractions, such as the Cave of the Japanese in Papua, Bandung or Bukittinggi as a relic of World War II. There are also prehistoric paintings in caves in Pangkep Riba Bullo, South Sulawesi, Caves Kontilola with paintings like aliens in Wamena, Papua or the Cave of Lascaux in France.

The cave is also a religious attraction like the Cave of Hira in Saudi Arabia which is important for Muslims. In Sri Lanka there is also a cave temple at Dambulla and the Cave Church in Egypt, a cave church. In some countries, the cave can be transformed into a hotel.

The rest , the cave will be enchant travelers with its natural wonders. Wasps and Gua Gua Gong in Pacitan rock sound that has beaten. In Waitomo, New Zealand there Glowworm Cave, the cave with the worms that can glow in the dark. While Vietnam has Son Doong cave is the largest in the world, even had the forest in his cave. It's a tremendous another world.

Remarkably cave tour is, they are available for any kind of holiday you need. Well, the next time you want a vacation, tourist cave might be a consideration. Want a full adventure or simply recreation, like a hard-earned or live swing legs, is available to meet the needs of various caves tourists. Steady !

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