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Exploring the Caves , First Recognize All Risks

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Exploring the Caves, First Recognize All Risks
In recent years, the caves are so loved attractions which the traveler especially young traveler. Why railing cave is so exciting, this is why!
The longer, the holidays are no longer just come to a town or village, and around it. More than that, the traveler began to explore the nature there. One of the natural attractions are crowded visited cave is fringe. Call it caves in Gunung like Pindul or Kalisuci.According to the President Hikespi ( Association of Indonesian Speleology activities ) Cahyo Alkantana, fringe cave has its own challenges. Not just climb the stairs, but there is an element of adventure that can be felt.
" Susur cave is one of special interest tourism activities that have an element of adventure. Also so attraction is somewhat unusual visit, ".
According to the man who became a diving instructor as well as caving, cave fringe requires participants to enter into the hole, like a tunnel. Also , they had the opportunity to see different ecosystems, as well as a different world.
In Java , there are 3 points that become the center of attraction among other caves, Pindul, Kalisuci Cave and the cave. Three caves represent each level.
" Pindul spelled out the light or mild, medium Kalisuci Cave and the cave which includes the hard or expert, " said Cahyo .
To minimize abrasions , sprains, or bruises, Alex reminded about caving softly. Travelers should pay attention to the pace and do not careless while in the cave. Cave equipment installed must continue to be true and correct !
" Clothes, boots, helmets, do not ever be released. Do not create a new path, because the uneven surface of the cave. Follow the direction of the road by a friend in front of you, " added Alex.
How about the raid animals that exist in the cave ? Alex said, if the risk of animal attacks in the cave is very little. The animals are there in the cave most are insects that eat animal feces.
" The risk of animal attacks in the cave is not so high as the animals outside the cave aggressive movements. Movements of animals in the cave is also slower and more relaxed as to save energy. Least only bacteria are harmful to the body, such as bat droppings, " said Alex.
Other risks also come from the humid air temperature in the cave. On average, the temperature in the cave is around 16 degrees Celsius. Even so, it can lead to dehydration because you wear special clothing and equipment wear. Should be recommended should drink plenty of water before you enter the cave and are encouraged to bring water for cave exploring.
Risk of getting lost in a cave can also occur in travelers . If you stray from the group, the most important thing to do is to remain silent.
"If you get lost , you should just be quiet and wait for help to arrive. Do not panic, because you will surely be sought by the team. During this time, the cave is a tourist spot so that only one lane safely. Branched If caves, it's a danger, " Alex said.
Travelers who want to explore the cave, is also recommended for warming up and getting enough sleep beforehand. It aims to reduce the risk of injury and make you have enough energy to explore the cave.
Different cave exploring trip up the mountain or diving . You will be amazed by the ornaments in a cave millions of years old. Travelers ventured to explore the dark and rarely touched by people . Experience exploring caves it was difficult to put into words !

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