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Cheap Trips | 6 Cheapest Country in The World Tourism

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Cheap Trips | 6 Cheapest Country in the World Tourism

Who does not like traveling without having to spend a lot of money ? There are 6 countries with low cost to travelers
in this world. Let's take a look .

This is the sixth country suitable for cheap traveling :

 1. Cambodia Tours

Cambodia is considered to be the first destination for a traveler friendly. This country is touted as the favorite destination backpacker. Just imagine, just by bringing $ 4 you can get a room to stay.

 2. Nepal Tours

By Lonely Planet, traveling one day in Nepal would only spend your money of USD 5-7 per person. Spending it if you stay at the cheap and eat traditional snacks Nepal.

3. Czech Republic Tours

Europe is actually not a cheap destination and perfect for the traveler budget. But if you are looking for a destination that is a little cheaper than others, Prague could be an option. There are a few hostels that rent prices between USD 10-15 per night.

4. Thailand Tours

Within a day, tourists usually spend USD 40 in Thailand. Yeah, Thailand is known as a tourist paradise for cheap. There are many lodging, snacks and cheap tourist attractions there.

Even in Phuket alone , tourist can get accommodation at a price below USD 10 per night. If to Chiang Mai, you can avail cheap price no less.

5. Bolivia Tours

Just like the previous 5 countries, Bolivia is also low in the list of destinations. There are many lodging and culinary delights are cheaper there.

Not only that, Bolivia also has a very beautiful natural scenery. Call it the Salar de Uyuni, a vast salt desert there.

6. Colombia Tours

In Colombia, cheap lodging rates starting from USD 10. Bogota and Cartagena is an example of a large city that is friendly to the budget traveler bag.

The rest, you do not need to spend a lot of money because there are a lot of natural destinations that travelers can enjoy. Walk around town and discover nature that may not exist elsewhere.

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