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Cutest Cube Hotel in The World

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Cutest Cube Hotel in The World

Phuket - More and more types of unique and unusual hotel like cube hotel. In addition to the unique shape, many are also located in unusual places. This is the cutest cube hotels and unique in the world. 

This hotel room will not make you hear what people are doing in the next room because there is no next door neighbors. The hotel rooms are stand-alone, does not stick, and he cried, often in strange places like on top of a tree or the edge of a cliff. There are the 5 cube hotels around the world :

1. Endemico Ensenada Hotel, Mexico

What is it like to stay in the room cube on the side of a cliff . The view from the room was beautiful valley with wineries from the Guadalupe valley distance. 

Endemico Ensenada in Ensenada Hotel, Mexico cube has 20 rooms spread across the hillside. In addition to the cube room, there is also an outdoor terrace and a private pool for its guests.

2. Casa de la Flora Hotel, Thailand 

Casa de la Flora also has a concept which is almost similar to the Endemico Ensenada Hotel. Located in Phuket, hotel cube is standing at the end of the rain forest in Khao Lok Phuket, southern Thailand. 

There are 36 rooms cubes that can be used. All of these rooms have views of the rain forest and also the Andaman Sea. Although the cube, the hotel room is quite large, has an outdoor terrace and private pool.

3. Treehotel Harads, Sweden
When travel to Harads in Sweden , a time to stay at Treehotel Harads. Because the hotel is located in the Nordic forest trees with views of the Lule River and pretty. 

Choose room type Mirrorcube. The glass -walled room that reflects the objects around him, so that , at first glance, as there is no room in there. But the guests are in the room can see freely without the worry of the looks from the outside.

4 . Aire de Santamaria Hotel, Spain 

Similar to Treehotel Harads, Aire de Santamaria in Navarre, Spain also had a room with a glass cube big bouncing. Cube Hotel is located near the Biosphere Reserve with views to the Santamaria National Park. 

This national park is not full of rocks and woods but contour semi desert. When the night is the most perfect time to look at the beautiful starry sky.

5 . Consolacion Aragon Hotel, Spain

It was a crazy idea at once brilliant original architecture of Barcelona. They make a 10 cube buildings located on a hill with views of pine and olive trees around.Not just a hotel, Consolacion Aragon also has a restaurant, library, and lounge. Try to stay and the time will run out without feeling there.

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