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Traveling to Afghanistan, How Safe ?

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Traveling to Afghanistan 

For some travelers, Afghanistan arouse curiosity. It's like a country plagued by endless conflict. Yet nature is very fascinating, rich history and culture. How safe is traveling to Afghanistan ?

Speaking of Afghanistan, which must have crossed your mind the Taliban. Many people refer to Afghanistan as the ' land of war '. Conflict with the Taliban even even still going on until now.

In fact, Afghanistan has a lot of stories. Fascinating culture and history of different parts of the world traveler. There is a capital Kabul, Bamiyan Buddha statues that used to have the world's largest, is also the atmospheric Persian Herat.

About the beauty of nature, Afghanistan expert. There Pamir plateau where hikers enjoy a panorama -style Top of the World. There were also Band - e Amir National Park, which had 5 tubs sapphire blue lake !

Agustinus Wibowo Indonesia is one traveler who had toured Central Asia. The trip was written in books titled Dust Blankets, Limit Line, and Point Zero.

Traveling to Afghanistan , according to Augustine , tend to be safe and not always risky. Large enough so that the Afghan security conditions were varied.

" The regions in the north is quite safe. Many mountaineers and trekkers are fascinated by the panorama Pamir region, " said the man who nicknamed Gus 's Weng.


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