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Manuka Honey Benefits, Australian Honey

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Manuka Honey Benefits, Australian Honey

Unlike the usual honey - brown clear and viscous, honey originating from Australia and New Zealand 's light brown color, cloudy and thick, like caramel. Unique flavor with the aroma of delicious fruit. Apparently, his usefulness is also awesome !

Manuka honey is produced by European honey bees consume honey from Manuka flowers. These plants grow and spread in New Zealand and southeastern Australia. Manuka Honey itself has been used as a therapeutic ingredient in New Zealand and received approval from the U.S. Federal Drug Administration in 2007.

Manuka honey is more viscous and creamy, almost like caramel with a unique fruit scent . It feels strong legit, is a blend of molasses, raisins, dates, and candied orange. Hence a lot of people love this unique honey.

The content of UMF ( Unique Manuka Factor ) is high in Manuka honey, a unique concentration of phenol antioxidants that directly inhibits the growth of bacteria and accelerate healing. This is what makes this honey is very effective for treating wounds, burns, and other skin problems that are susceptible to serious infections.

UMF was first discovered by the Waikato Honey Research Unit at the University of Waikato, New Zealand , in the 1990s. Also found non - peroxide and anti- bacterial components. This component, such as UMF is important because it is not destroyed by the body's enzyme system. By karen manuka honey is stronger than other honeys.

In addition to its ability to outer healing, manuka honey is also effective in curing stomach ache and digestion since it contains anti- inflammatory and prebiotic. Because the content of antibiotics , anti - fungal , and antiviral properties make honey is effective as a sore throat , flu , acne , and sinusitis .

Manuka honey is now produced in various forms, in the form of capsules , honey in jars , to toothpaste. Make sure the product you buy manuka honey has been certified authentic and institutions Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association.

The agency is independently tested and gave the logo genuine UMF manuka honey. Manuka honey product prices vary depending on the current variations. Manuka honey capsules price around USD 13.00 and honey that is sold in jars around USD 25.00 -

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