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Middle East Tourists Highly Liked Vacations in Indonesia

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Jakarta - Among the many tourists who come to Indonesia, apparently tourists from the Middle East is still the most widely come. The proof, the amount of their arrival in August 2013 rose 3-fold from August 2012.
Number of foreign tourists coming to Indonesia during January-August 2013 reached 5,643,271 foreign tourists. Rate increased to 8.28% compared to the same period last year amounted to 5,211,704 foreign tourists.
Very significant increase contributed by tourists from the Middle East region. Tourists from this region rose more than three times higher than in August 2012.
For example, tourists from Saudi Arabia reached 238.46% increase. In August 2012, tourists from these countries amounted to 6,071 people in August 2012 increased to 20 548 people in August 2013. European foreign tourists to Indonesia for the largest increase was contributed by the number of tourists from Russia rose 35.86% of the 5,047 people in August 2012 to 7,346 people.
Central Statistics Agency and the Center for Data and Information (Media Center) Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy also mentions the five main markets are the main target of marketing tourism in Indonesia has increased to more than two digits. Tourists from the PRC gains 34.49% followed by Malaysia and Singapore were up respectively 28.16% and 20.54%. Then tourists from Japan rose 19.58% and 12.18% increase Australia.
"Achievement in August showed our marketing orientation in five market focus has been on target.'s Reinforced with other markets also positive growth," said Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Mari Elka Pangestu.