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Tourism in Germany at the World's Largest Hotel Aquarium

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Berlin - Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin , Germany may be different from one another . This hotel has an aquarium is touted greatest in the world , with a height of 25 meters , cylindrical , and thousands of fish .Each hotel in the world has unique facilities , such as the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin . This hotel has a gigantic aquarium featuring sea views all blue with lots of fish . The tourists who come to stay , guaranteed to be open.Quoted from the official website of Radisson Blu Hotel , Thursday ( 20/06/2013 ) , the cylindrical aquarium located at the hotel lobby . This is the appeal of the Radisson Blu Hotel . The hotel also stated , this is the largest aquarium in the world !Aquarium reaches 25 meters high with a diameter of over 12 meters . Total , there are about 1 million liters of water in the aquarium . Fill the tank is approximately 2,600 fish from 56 different species and coral reefs .The tourists who stay , can relax on sofas or benches provided near the lobby . Fish with a variety of shapes and sizes clearly visible swimming in it .Not satisfied ? The hotel provides travelers an elevator that can be used to traverse the inside of the aquarium . The elevator also facilitates you see a clear view of 360 degrees , to see fish , coral reefs and divers who were diving . It's as if you 're riding the elevator to the sea alone !To spend the night at the Radisson Blu Hotel , you have to spend ranging from 113 euros , or about USD 14 million . Radisson Blu Hotel has 427 rooms , 15 meeting rooms , restaurant and bar , fitness room , as well as WiFi which can be accessed for free . Get ready to see the ' sea ' in the hotel !