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Abyss The Steepest Roller Coaster in Australia has been Unveiled

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Abyss The Steepest Roller Coaster in Australia has been Unveiled

Ourvac - Perth amusement park roller coaster finally officially launched the latest on Halloween yesterday. A vehicle speed to 85 km / h is warranted to test the adrenaline travelers who tried it.

First of all visitors who had boarded the train rides will be carried live during the two - minute trip to the dark atmosphere that is quite creepy. Suddenly the train quickly and soon became the head of the tourists turn to roll into position below. After that, the train will quickly reverse back to the train slowed. Shouts broke out immediately.

The train will glide at a height of approximately 30 meters down quickly and adrenaline pumping visitors . This vehicle is the steepest roller coaster in Australia and the largest in adventure World since the opening of the amusement park in 1982.

Many of the visitors who have tried this vehicle was shaking and their heart pounding. However, it still does not deter them to try again. This certainly boost the number of visitors who came and wanted to try a new sensation of the vehicle 's creepy.

Abyss Roller Coaster is spending approximately $ 12 million in the construction process. This vehicle exceeds the speed of a formula 1 race car. The plan, this vehicle will be the fastest roller coaster rides in the world. Similarly, as released News.

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