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Beautiful Beaches in Raja Ampat, Cemara Beach

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Beautiful Beaches in Raja Ampat, Cemara Beach

Ourvac - White sand, subtle sound waves , and wave palm leaves soothing eye. This is the Cemara Beach, a beautiful beach that was deserted in Raja Ampat. 

Perhaps not many people know about the existence of Cemara Beach. It lies a little goes into making not many people enter.

Most tourists who come are those who stay at the local inn.  Yes, at the Cemara Beach are beautiful small inn. 

Is similar to the form of lodging the original home of Raja Ampat , the house on stilts. Leaves a booth and the roof of the house. 

Even so, this beach can still be visited by every tourist who comes, do not have a specialty . For example me and my friends who do not stay still able to play with a satisfied there. First impressions on arrival would have been fascinated. 

" A very shores, my gosh ! " said one of my friends, Yun. 

Fir obviously coast has a hypnotic charm the eyes ranging from subtle lapping waves, white sand as fine as flour, and a fantastic sea water degradation. Everything forming a slick combination. 

When I came, the sea water is receding in Fir. Charm of the beach just looks so obvious at the time. 

Tourists can walk with a little fun and play to sea water is receding. Not a few who make the event the photo hunt. 

Snap ! Without a doubt my friends and direct the camera to any angle in Cemara Beach. 

Not difficult to get the best picture there. Almost all offer views of the prettiest corners. Especially clean blue sky looks harmonious with crystal clear sea with color degradation. Perfect!!

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