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Tokyo Attacked by Zombies !!

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Tokyo Attacked by Zombies !!

Ourvac - Zombie movie fan Travelers ' Walking Dead ' and various other horror films, unbelievable shock while in Tokyo, Japan last weekend. There are zombies roaming around Shibuya Station. Hiii ! 

Luckily it was just a series of typical Japanese cosplay parade. Incidentally on Thursday ( 10/31/2013 ) evening to coincide with Halloween. So that the western tradition is celebrated with a parade of young Tokyo horror costumes. 

Halloween celebration into a new moment for young people in Tokyo, Japan. While wearing a variety of unique costumes they attraction, including giving free hugs.When Ourvac  be there, thousands of teenage users costume was assembled in Tokyo, especially Shibuya Station is also a favorite location for tourists. There are costumed Flinstones characters, Sailor Moon, Batman  Superman, Vendetta, Harry Potter -style. Is the most stylish zombie style.

Fellow users each costume was photographing, recording a funny behavior of the other Halloween participants. While also serving requests photograph the tourists that pass in there. There is also a display of paper with free hugs, until free happy birthday.


Displaying their writings free hugs, hug people really are for a hug , whether male or female. While writing free happy birthday publisher, willing to sing a birthday song for those who ask.


" It's a unique , never thought there was a Halloween party here, " said Ara, business traveler from Jakarta who happened to be on business in Tokyo.

Megumi, one of the participants expressed a Halloween party he and his friends had a party to celebrate the last three years. They just gathered in Shibuya, meet up with friends who also enjoys these activities. Then rejoice together.

" Tomorrow in school as usual, " said Megumi .

Halloween in Tokyo hubbub began in the afternoon . They gathered at the mall or plaza. Then moved to Shibuya as it was getting dark , around 17:00 Japan time.

This crowd will end approximately at 12.00 am along with the expiration of the commuter rail service in the city center. There was no brawl, just each other laugh and happy. But police remained on guard.

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