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Sunbathing See Low Flying Aircraft, Only at Maho beach !

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Sunbathing See Low Flying Aircraft, Only at Maho beach !

Ourvac - Want to feel the sensation of sun on the beach with views of low flying aircraft right not far from the top of your head ? Just there in Maho Beach.

Maho beach is located right next to Princess Juliana International Airport, the Caribbean Islands, Saint Martin. Maho beach is a favorite tourist destination where tourists can see the planes flying low over their heads. Sensation roar of aircraft engines and wind slammed would you feel every one hour. .

Despite having a fairly clear sand beach, not at the forefront of the tourists come to this beach . Because, there are many hundreds of other beaches in the Caribbean that are serving the same scenery.

However, it became interesting because immediately adjacent to the airstrip where tourists get a different sensation.
The pilots who want to land a plane with a very low also have to be careful because there is a beach right below the hundreds of visitors who visit each day.
Not only that , in this beach resort is now beginning to be built , and the bars are increasingly enliven the atmosphere of the beach. Uniquely, each employee café will tell to the visitor when the plane will take off. At that moment, all the tourists getting out, seeing the planes.

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