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Dressed War Soldier When Stay in German Bunker Hotel

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Dressed War Soldier When Stay in German Bunker Hotel

Ilmenau - Tired of the usual hotel, East German Bunker in the City of Ilmenau, Germany, destinations, and it could be your next place to sleep. At this bunker, a traveler could experience ala warriors stay. 

East German Bunker is part of Waldhotel Rennsteighoehe in Ilmenau City, Germany. This hotel is a bunker that used to be a place to hold prisoners of war, was also a secret East German soldiers in the 1970s. 

Reporting from The Sydney Morning Herald, East German bunkers give tourists to experience the life as a prisoner of war. Therefore, there would be no officers bunker friendly and smiling to you ! 

To stay in the East German Bunker, tourists have to wear the National People's Army ( NVA ) that the German army uniforms. A uniform boots, belts, jackets, hats, and gas masks. After that, tourists have lined up before getting into the bunker for a shared identity which became a soldier. 

Do not expect any smiles or friendly attitude of the officers bunker. They will tell you to move quickly and decisively to tell sleep or eat when it's time. 

His bed is a bed that is in the level of a long room. There are only a pillow and a blanket on her bed. After you wake up, you are also required to fix it. 

Not only that , the hard life style army will you feel when mealtime arrives. Just imagine, the women travelers have to peel and cut the potatoes. Meanwhile, the tourists must watch men take turns to cook and grilled sausages. Potatoes and sausage, it's just your diet ! 

Even so, the East German Bunker is apparently never empty of tourists. They were aged from 18 years to 65 years. Apparently, they want to experience life as a soldier, as well as learn about the history of a war fought in Germany. 

Complete all the information available, ranging from photographs, archival documents, until the equipment is stored neatly inside the bunker. War equipment such as hand grenades, rifle range, oxygen supply, also are kept here. 

For those of you who are interested, prepare a spend of 109 euros per night.

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