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Toxic Pond at Grand Canyon National Park Tour | Grand Canyon Arizona

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Toxic Pond at Grand Canyon  | Grand Canyon Arizona National Park Tour

Littlefield - Grand Canyon in the State of Arizona, USA, to be one of the most sought after tourist destinations. But when visiting here, be careful when viewing natural pool like a giant pumpkin. Although beautiful, the pool is poisonous !

Pumpkin Spring, so this pool is called , looks like a comfortable place to soak. Pond located in the Grand Canyon, Arizona State is indeed shaped like a giant pumpkin. But be careful, lest you be tempted to go into it.

It is the most toxic pool in the Grand Canyon. The water flowing from the pond to the river below. Still looks like a natural hot spring pools are full of minerals, Pumpkin Springs contain arsenic and other toxic materials in high numbers.

Research shows, 1 liter of water contains 1,100 milligrams Pumpkin Springs harmful toxins that are not well known. Is not recommended for tourists to enter the limbs, bathing, let alone drinking it.

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