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Backpacking Trips in Europe | Travel Guide

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Backpacking Trips in Europe | Travel Guide 

London - While on vacation in the country, certainly Travelers should prepare a variety of equipment. As well if you want backpacker to Europe. Here are 7 tips that you backapacking in Europe runs smoothly and exciting !

Many countries in Europe are attractive holiday destination to be. No wonder that many a traveler who backapacking roam the continent. OurVac gathered, here's 7 tips for backpacking in Europe :

1. Create an Itinerary Vacation to Europe 

Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Paris in France, London in England, and many other cities in Europe that can be visited. To avoid confusion where are you going, before leaving for Europe, should you make the itinerary beforehand.Specify the start of the state, the city, until the destination you want to go. In addition to ease travel, itinerary can also help you control spending and vacation time. Read a guidebook, or browsing to arrange your itinerary.

2. Wear Appropriate Clothing Season 

You need to know that Europe is a country with 4 seasons, namely winter, summer, spring, and fall. Winter in December to March and for the Nordic countries in September to May.While the summer each year occur in July through the end of August. Spring in March to June and the fall occurred in the middle of September to early December. Do not take it the wrong clothes !

" Bring comfortable clothes and shoes from the home and adjust to the season. So, no need to buy on the street. Expensive, " said traveler and author of ' The Traveler Guide', when contacted OurVac, McGambul.

3. Use Cheap Transportation 

When you want around Europe, traveler can take advantage of cheap transportation. Ranging from trains to aircraft budget you can choose.

" Do not ride the night train , the train is more expensive than lunch. Fact cheaper plane budgets, " said McGambul.

However, for a budget airline you should really read the conditions.If you want more easily, a traveler could use City Pass tickets. His name is often different in each city. But essentially, this is a ticket that can be used to ride public transportation as much and the price is cheaper.

So, you can use public transportation as much. Travelers can choose a ticket for 12 hours, 24 hours, or a few days.4. Bring a copy of important documents.Personal documents are very important when you are vacationing inside or outside the country. Therefore you should photocopy of ID card, passport, and other important documents to carry while traveling. You can also store them in soft copy format so it does not disappear 'physical'.

5. Search for cheap accommodation and places to eat.  

While on vacation in Europe, you'll want to look for cheap accommodation and places to eat. So that your money can be used for other purposes.

When looking for accommodation in the city center should not because it is usually expensive. Can also choose a cheaper dormitori. It costs about 10 euros per person. For security reasons, better female traveler to stay at dormitori.

" If you want to find a cheap culinary tourism, portions also do not have a lot. If Vegetarians and fear are not meat, just order a vegetarian menu, " added the father of two children.

6. Bring the information search tool.


Information search tool should not miss while you explore Europe. Tools in the form of maps, compass, and a guidebook. In the all-digital era like now, all of these devices can also get to easily from smartphone apps.

Not only that , you can also carry a small address book for a bacpacker. Excerpted from the website Bakpak Guide, with a small address book contacts you can record all the people you meet while traveling. In addition, the address book can also be a copy of important phone numbers.

7. Cautious of thieves !


Do not be lulled by the beauty of Europe. Be careful, you could be a target of pickpockets. Try to not get caught alone in a very crowded.

Keep all your valuables in a safe place and remain attached to the body. For example, you can deviate passport, plane and train tickets, money, other personal documents in a waist bag that is always tied around your waist.

It is not advisable , when over-exposing your luggage. If the situation were riding a train or bus, secure your luggage bag with a padlock.

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