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National Parks in the U.S. Loss USD 69 million Every Day

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National Parks in the U.S. Loss USD 69 million Every Day


Arizona - Closing the U.S. government affect its attractions were also closed, such as national parks. As a result, the number of tourists dropped dramatically. Total loss of national parks were closed because of snowfall is about USD 69 M !

Reported by the Daily Mail, The U.S. has about 401 national parks that never deserted of tourists every day. National parks in the U.S. has a landscape of rocks to lush forests were still very exotic. 

However, both the national park and tourist to bite the fingers due to the closure of the national parks in the U.S. Taken together all the national parks in the U.S.,  national parks in Uncle Sam is losing 715 thousand visitors and USD 76 million each day ! 

According to a study from Headwater Economics, the impact of the most severe loss is Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Located in North Carolina and Tennessee, the park has lost 257 534 visitors in the first 10 days and $ 23 million after closing the U.S. government. 
Grand Canyon is the second worst. This famous national park loses 120,000 visitors and $ 11 million after the first 10 days of closing. Third worst is the Yosemite National Park is losing 106,849 visitors and $ 10 million. 

If the tourists were disappointed because they can not enter the national park and the national park to lose the amount of income, then it is not much different from the communities surrounding the national park. Therefore, there are many U.S. citizens who live around national parks and dependent life with tourists who come to visit. 

Moreover, this October is the time for the fall. Several national parks in the United States offers a view of distinctively autumn leaves that change color to orange and yellow.

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