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Vacation at the same time Got a Millionaire Mate, Try This Plane!

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Vacation at the same time Got a Millionaire Mate, Try This Plane !

There is good news for the traveler singles who want to find a mate. If you want to try to find a mate millionaire, the airline may try to ride this one. What airline ?

A survey conducted by SeekingMillionaire.com involving 47,000 millionaires. These respondents are billionaires who are still single and looking for a partner.

This survey want to look for to know what airline they often use to traveling either for leisure or for business. Apparently, many prefer to use American Airlines. At least as many as 30 496 billionaires from the U.S. using the airline.

Not that you, the traveler looking for a mate, can only use the airline during the holidays. There are still two other airlines who came second and third. In the second place there is Virgin Airlines that climbed the 5,091 millionaires. While there are 4,327 billionaires who pick up Delta Airlines.

The survey also noted that 73.2 percent of respondents are billionaires who are traveling alone. 74 percent of respondents are frequent passengers waiting at the airport longue. While 78 percent of respondents are members in the airline mileage program related.

If you really want to try their luck while looking for billionaire couples getaway, try a ride on American Airlines. Of these billionaires will not sit in economy class. It took a little effort to get to know them, to how to upgrade to first class seats. Good luck !

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