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Unique Restaurants on The Cliff Side in Fangweng, China

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Unique Restaurants on The Cliff Side in Fangweng, China Tours

You like to climb ? Usually brought lunch is fast food because that is still raw takes time to cook. But if visiting mountainous Hubei in China, you will find the restaurant on the cliff side.Indeed, there is a restaurant that is quite interesting and is located in Happy Valley cliff side, Xiling Gorge. Restaurants are hangs Fangweng presents the beauty of natural scenery incredible. Buildings made of bricks is becoming dull pretty popular tourist destination in China.

Once past the entrance, visitors will be taken through a 30-meter concrete bridge that hangs next to the river Yatze long. From this and visitors can freely choose to relax while looking at the beauty of the river. No need to worry , this bridge has provided a handle made ​​of metal to keep the balance of everyone who passed on it. When night falls, the atmosphere feels more romantic because the whole restaurant is decorated by colorful chandelier.

The Fangweng Restaurant offers a variety of local specialties, such as freshwater fish, ducks, pigs, and even a turtle and a green chili seasoned with chili powder only.

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