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Travel Highlights | Germany Tourism

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Travel Highlights | Germany Tourism

Germany became attractive tourist destination. Last year 23 million tourists visiting Germany. 33 percent of German tourists on holiday in their own country. Attractions anywhere that became the main destination for tourists?

Kölner Dom - Katedral Köln

Since many years Gothic church on the banks of the Rhine is a favorite tourist attraction in Germany. Not only for foreign tourists, but also for domestic tourists, the symbol of Köln tourist destinations, ranking first.

  Heidelberger Schloss - Heidelberg Castle


Most likely the symbol of Heidelberg is Germany's most famous ruins. This palace for the first time was mentioned in the 13th century. In the time of King Ludwig XIV here live noblemen Pfalz.

Schloss Neuschwanstein - Neuschwanstein Castle

Bayer king Ludwig II ordered the construction of a castle near the river, because he wanted to retreat from the public. A few weeks after his death (1886), the castle was opened to the public. Currently Schloss Neuschwanstein be one of the most visited castles in Europe. Every year 1.3 million people visit the beautiful halls in the palace.

Brandenburger Tor - Brandenburg Gate


The end of the 18th century King Friedrich Wilhelm II ordered the construction of the gate of honor in the center of Berlin. This gate became a national symbol and a symbol of the reunification of Germany. Entrance between east and west Berlin was always open to visitors.

Berliner Museumsinsel - Berlin Museum Island

In the middle of the island located in the middle of the river Spree are Berlin's famous attractions. There are five museums that display the prehistoric story began, through the Antique era until the 19th century art. One of the special display is the Statue Nofretete. 

Schloss Sanssouci - Sanssouci Palace  

In Potsdam are the summer break Prussian King Friedrich II. The name "Sanssouci" which means without anxiety, implying the desire of the king to have a place to rest. Palaces and parks are also often mentioned as a Prussian Versaille. Since 1990 the Palace Sanssouci became the world's cultural heritage.

Dresdner Frauenkirche - Dresden Frauenkirche


For many people, the Frauenkirche in Dresden is still remembered as the debris and the war memorial. Since the redevelopment and the opening in 2005 Frauenkirche became a favorite destination of domestic and foreign tourists. Every day they are willing to queue for a long time can visit the Baroque Protestant church buildings are built the 18th century.

Porta Nigra


"Black Gate" in Trier is one of the most intact gates of antique era. Former city gate in the Roman era nearly 1,000 years used as a church, in 1802 before Napoleon ordered the reconstruction of the original form.

Aachener Dom - Aachen Cathedral


Core of the building is known as the most well preserved historic buildings from the past dynastic Karolingia and in 1978 a German historic building first on the list of UNESCO world cultural heritage. In Aachen Cathedral Emperor Karl the Great was buried in his chapel and held until the year 1531 almost all of the king's coronation Germany.

Lübecker Altstadt - Old Town Lübeck


Holstentor ever be a limit in the western city of Lübeck, now known as the symbol of the city. Which become part of the historic core of the city, which is located in the center of the island is surrounded by water channels and the rest of the fortress wall. Many of the old stone gothic be protected buil

Marienplatz in Munich - Tennis Maria in München


Contained in Marienplatz the heart of Munich with her ​​lively promenade. Several times a day visitors can admire the bells game at the New City Hall Building (Neue Rathaus) which is not far from there. As musical bells that, at the height of rotating small figures are reminiscent of the city's history.

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